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Most Common Questions

We’re working hard to get The Grain Escape products on your favourite retailers’ shelves. Use the store locator on our Find Us page to find The Grain Escape at a store near you!

The Grain Escape is not sold online at this time. But look for our products on Instacart, soon!

If you bought your bag of The Grain Escape bread, buns, or bagels fresh in the bakery aisle, check the best before date on the tag. If you found it in frozen section, our products stay fresh for up to 6 months in the freezer and are good for up to 15 days once thawed.

If you plan to eat the whole bag within a week, store The Grain Escape on your counter or any cool, dry place in your kitchen that isn’t the top of your fridge. Otherwise, freeze our products and thaw as needed to savour by the slice, bun, or bagel!

Allergens & Certifications Questions

We’re on a mission to offer grain-free baked goods that break far away from expectations! Every bread, bun, and bagel we make at The Grain Escape is Certified Grain-Free by the Paleo Foundation. That means our products are guaranteed to be free of all grains and pseudograins from Amaranth to Teff, and are third-party tested to contain less than 10ppm of gluten and gliadin competitives.

You bet! Breaking free of grains and gluten is a big deal for you—and The Grain Escape. That’s why all our grain-free, gluten-free products are made in our GFCP and GFCO audited and certified gluten-free bakery. And regularly tested both by our in-house team and by a third party to ensure they’re below the 20ppm gluten-free threshold safe for celiac.

Freedom of choice means we didn’t stop at being grain-free and gluten-free when we crafted our breads, buns, and bagels. The Grain Escape products are also free from peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, dairy, egg, soy, coconut—and wheat, of course!

Every product we bake at The Grain Escape is Monash University Low FODMAP Certified. For those diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), this third party certification means you can be confident our grain-free breads, buns, and bagels are safely low in FODMAP and suitable to eat if you’re following a low FODMAP diet.

Getting away from gluten isn’t the only reason to go grain-free. If you follow a paleo diet, we’ve got your back, too! Being Certified Paleo by The Paleo Foundation means The Grain Escape breads, buns, and bagels are free from all the ingredients on the paleo no-list—so there’s no wheat, no barley, no rice, no bulgar, no kamut, no oats, no corn, no spelt, no teff, no triticale, no hominy, no rye, no sorghum, no amaranth, no quinoa, no buckwheat, and no modern-day grains whatsoever.

A lot of grain-free, gluten-free products are held together by eggs and dairy. But not The Grain Escape! Our grain-free products are proudly plant-based. And we’ve got the certification to prove it! Being Certified Plant-based means our grain-free breads, buns and bagels are made from plants—no animal-derived ingredients allowed. So, plant-based eaters and sustainability seekers alike can embrace The Grain Escape with abandon!

Ingredient Questions

Shoppers who live north of the 23rd parallel don’t see these coarse skinned tubers in grocery stores often, but cassava is a staple for millions living in tropical countries from West Africa to South America to South East Asia.

Unlike many grain-free, gluten-free flours, cassava flour’s consistency closely mimics wheat flour—so it’s a perfect swap in baked goods where grains aren’t welcome!

Grain-free Flour Fun Fact: Both cassava flour and tapioca starch come from the same plant. Cassava flour is made from the whole cassava root, not just the starchy parts—but both play a starring role in our original Flour of Freedom! Together with psyllium and potato starch, these four fantastic grain-free flours team up to bring fluffy texture and fun to The Grain Escape breads, buns, and bagels.

Sunflower oil bashing has become a popular sport in some circles. But shake off some misinformation, and it turns out not all sunflower oil is the same. Sunflower oil can have one of three fat profiles:

1) It can be high in oleic acid (a monounsaturated fatty acid),
2) It can be high in linoleic acid (a polyunsaturated fatty acid), or
3) It can be somewhere in between.

At The Grain Escape, we use only high oleic sunflower oil, because it’s a stable, high quality oil with a high smoke point—ideal for grain-free baking.

And the US FDA says there’s credible evidence to support claims that consuming high oleic edible oils—including olive oils and sunflower oils containing at least 70% oleic acid per serving—may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

No way! Our grain-free, gluten-free breads, buns, and bagels are Non-GMO Project Verified. Because there’s no more place for modern-day modifications at the paleo table than there is on any plate where The Grain Escape plays a supporting role in helping you eat and feel your best.

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